10. Start using that bottle of Kelly peas

9.  Our scoreboard can score 8 ball, 9 ball, 14.1, and cutthroat as well as Kelly

8. Try a new game

7. Keep track of the next shooter and breaker

6. Dry erase to change games

5. Keep statistics for your pool night group

4. In Kelly, everyone shoots the whole game

3. Kelly improves your shot making skills

2. Players of all abilities win at Kelly

And the number one reason to play Kelly and use the Official Kelly pool scoreboard:

  1. It’s a lot of fun!!!    

Keepin’ the Game Alive!


Our Kelly Terms and Definitions

COUCH SHOT: Sinking your spouse’s money ball

CUE BUTT TAPPED ON THE FLOOR:  Acknowledgment of a good shot.

DEDUCTION DANCE:  A little jig performed after a particularly careless scratch.

EARLING:    Announcing your secret number as another shooter is about to sink it. 

FEARED AVOIDANCE SHOT:   Missing every ball on the table in an attempt to hit the object ball.

GOOGLES:   People who spend too much time on the computer, instead of playing Kelly.

MON / MOFF:     The two responses to the question “Are you still on the table?”

MONEYBALL:  Your secret pea

MONEYBALLITIS:    Having an open shot at your money ball and… missing.

OHBAYETZ:  Yiddish for “now what are ya gonna do”? Used after your opponent makes a shot, but is faced with an impossible next shot.

PILLS??:   Does anyone have a numbered pea in their pocket, when it should be back in the shake bottle. Used at the end of each game, and at the end of the night.

SOMETHING FUNNY’S GOING ON AROUND HERE: Used when wondering exactly what ball the shooter was really trying to sink, and other conspiracy theories.

THAT’S ME:    Announcing when your number goes in. (good or bad).

PEA BRAIN: someone who keeps checking to see what pill they are.
CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD: What the host says just before the last game of the night. 


We encourage the addition of new terms and definitions to the list. So if you have one, e-mail it to us and we’ll add it.





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