The Official Scoreboard of Billiard Games and Kelly Pool is a unique and versatile way to score and keep statistics for all your favorite billiards games. Originally developed for Kelly Pool, this scoreboard is easy and fun to use. Whether you play 8-ball, 9-ball, Cutthroat, Straight pool or Kelly, our board handles it.

Finally, you can keep a record of your pool games throughout hours of play.  Forget who’s break it is? Remember who won game three? Didn’t we win that game because you scratched on the eight? Our scoreboard answers it all. The scoreboard measures 16 x 20 inches and comes with a frameless mounting system, ready for your pool room wall. A dry erase surface brings you a lifetime of enjoyment. Simple instructions are included for all the scoring options. Dry erase marker included.

Check out our scoreboard packages on the ‘merchandise’ page. If you decide on one of our packages that includes Kelly peas and a shaker bottle you can give the great game of Kelly a try.

     “Keepin’ the game alive!”


Special shipping rate of six dollars on any Scoreboard or Scoreboard package in the U.S.

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Eight Ball

Cut Throat



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